The Evolution of Fun in Nairobi

Tastes in how people choose to have fun are changing. Diversifying is a more accurate term. Old habits are not entirely left behind, but merely complemented by the adoption of new ones. When you think of Nairobi and life in the busy city, the mental image is sure to include party animals. Nairobians look for any excuse to go out and party. Therefore, the recent ban on smoking Sheesha has left some craving for a new high.

BaoBox cafe in Nairobi

A thriving new restaurant concept in the Westlands area called Baobox is a testament to this. It’s a coffee shop style cafe designed for friends to hang out and play.  A physical representation of the carefree state of childhood. A vast array of board games greet you at the entrance and you can’t help but pick one to indulge. There is also a cozy reading corner for those who want some downtime to soak in a book and chill. The place is always packed and I believe it has alot to do with the fact that the ambiance feels like home.

BaoBox cafe in Nairobi

Tastes are also shifting in the music sector. New genres that would not be your average club bangers are attracting new crowds. Seeing young people between the ages of 19 – 22 rocking away to a jazz band was a sign of the changing times. The Go Down Art Centre in Nairobi has always been the home of artistic talent waiting to be discovered. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are among the pioneers of the shift that is slowly but surely happening before our eyes.

Shamsi band
Shamsi band from Kenya

We may have a natural aversion to change but the beauty of the human condition is that you know when you need to change. A tide rises too high and eventually knocks you out of your comfort zone. That’s when you realize that the unknown is not a bad place to be. Let’s see where this evolution leads us to. Do you have an idea of where it may lead?



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