I Made You Look: The Business Of Attention

I have been listening to an awesome audio book called Captivate by Vanessa van Edwards. She explores the science of making connections using subtleties like gestures and facial expressions. Teaching you how to hold and command respect in day to day conversations and interactions. One thing she said has been resounding in my mind. People will only like you if you can hold their attention long enough to show them that they can trust you. Trust is earned but it is also inferred within the first few seconds of meeting a person.

Looking at the nuances of business and politics, one cannot help but agree with her. Life is a game of courting attention. The winner is he who can hold the audience’s attention the longest. Whether the attention is negative or positive depends on the subject’s agenda. Donald trump appealed to people’s underlying unexpressed feelings like privilege and a sense of entitlement to rally people to vote for him. He gave them subconscious permission to rebel and a sense of unbridled freedom.

The best brands create a sense of camaraderie and community to create fans who cannot imagine their lives post products. A man courts the attention of a woman with elaborate gestures of love and gifts. The dance of life. The fight for eyeballs is age old and only continues to get steeper in the internet age of unending stimuli.

How is this relevant to you? How is it not? In digital strategy, the aim is to orchestrate a perfect set of events and circumstances that influence people to feel and follow up with action. Emotion is a powerful motivator but action is the ultimate metric. Action breeds behavior and behaviors build cultures. I call it the culture pyramid. The ultimate formula to make sure you attract the right attention to your message.

                                                             “The Culture Pyramid”

It all starts with a like on a post and rolls over into a movement. Never underestimate the power of a second glance.

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