Learn The Waves That Shaped Social Media In Kenya: Series 17

It’s been an eventful year in Kenya. Or so it seems. History has been made, both good and bad. However, one paradox remains in this era of information overload. We are too busy worrying about tomorrow or brooding about the past, that we don’t notice things today. The small shifts that will mark a change in culture. To notice the moments that will become significant history markers when we look back. To this effect,I present a series dubbed “Series17″. Taking stock of the micro- trends that shaped conversations in the Kenya.

2017 has been a year in perpetual election fever in Kenya. However, it has also been a year where many other beautiful things have happened. With media houses fighting for ratings, they drowned the nation in perpetual politics. A singularity that cannot become the legacy of 2017.

To this end, we are launching Series17, the exploration of events that marked 2017 in Kenya. It will have two segments; Arts17 where we see the conversations and trends that marked the arts and Social17 where we explore the conversations that stood out in the 2017 Kenyan Social Media scene.

We are excited to document the nuances of the Kenyan Social media life since it is a mirror to the society. A biopsy of attitudes and interests across a wide spectrum of people. A look into the aspirations, worries and dreams of a people.

Series17 shall involve contributors from all over the Kenyan creative and corporate scene. They will shed light on things that stood out for them in their specific silos and areas of influence. Social media does a great job of connecting people to things that are of interest to them. However, it also locks us into a cocoon of our own creation where we surround ourselves with those that re-affirm our beliefs. Thus the decision to have a diverse set of contributors for an in-depth view of the true Kenyan conversation space. I can’t wait to introduce you to the amazing people who will let us into their social spheres.

We shall reveal our contributors to the series in out next post, as we start to set the wheels in motion. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for the newsletter that sends you interesting tidbits from this exciting series.

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