The Joke’s On You: The Curse of the Lazy Clown

Have you ever laughed until you’re numb? When you immerse yourself so deep into humor that you forget reality? The very quality of humor that makes it refreshing is the very same one that can leave you stupefied. Let’s look at joke culture for a minute.

Kenyans online have an advanced sense of humor that permeates everything that happens locally and in the world. They joke about corruption scandals, sport, other African nations and literally anything else that catches their attention. It’s a beautiful gift that makes life online highly entertaining.


Ever heard of the quote by Martin Luther King that says that whatever you don’t hate, you eventually tolerate? While jokes serve as a coping mechanism for all the drama that happens in Kenya, they also breed tolerance for undue behavior by injecting humor. Jokes are words and words breed action. When we build a habit of reacting to misgivings by laughing, we form destructive habits.

It’s nice to be funny but it’s nicer to know when to stop laughing and start caring. Share the memes but also share thought provoking arguments that raise the collective awareness around you. Be a smart clown. Lets not joke our way into oblivion.

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